Investing in a Handheld?

I currently own two consoles and one handheld. An ancient 3DS (not XL or anything like that, just a 3DS) a PS4 (Destiny 1 bundle edition), and a WiiU. The 3DS gets the most use these days, but they all get a little time here and there. I already made a post about otome last week when I was playing Amnesia, and I lamented over the fact that Nintendo is reluctant to put out any vs / otome type games, and that leaves me with steam / pc versions only (for the most part, I realize there are a few 3DS versions etc).

I wondered about getting a PlayStation Vita, and talked it over with the other half who seemed pretty supportive of my love of visual novels (along with JRPG and other PS only titles). The Vita isn’t too expensive, and I really feel that otome (and other games like that) are best played on a handheld where you can relax as you embrace the story and “play” (or read) it where ever you want.

Arislyn has been regaling me with tales of playing Collar x Malice, and there are quite a few other vn being released / that have been released – it would be nice to get a collection going for myself. So far I just have one non-steam physical copy. I’ve never owned a sony handheld before so I have absolutely zero experience with any of the products to date. I don’t know if it’s alright to buy it used (a-la-ebay) or if I’m better off investing in it new from the box. I’ll have to save up for it slowly, it’s not something I can just run out and buy (well, technically I could but it would be taking my budget away from something else, so I’d rather save up month by month) so I’ve got some time to figure things out first.

Have some advice? Know of a great otome I need to pick up? Selling a vita? Let me know in comments!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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