Streaming Video Games? Sure, I do that!

Today I tried a little bit of an experiment. See, I love streaming but have held off for one reason or another. I was just going to start getting into it when I had my son, and I haven’t really been able to find my groove since then. I started by trying to stream when he was asleep – turns out he’s not the best of sleepers, and he frequently wakes up which means I’m frequently running to check in on him and put him back to sleep.

I thought about it a while and today decided why not try streaming when he’s awake. My computer is in his play area, he’s got a baby gate and can’t get anywhere and it’s pretty easy to watch over him while doing other things. He enjoys wandering around and doing his own thing and playing with his toys so technically speaking there should be no reason why I couldn’t stream an hour or so a few days a week with him wandering about.

I loaded up RimWorld and the Combat Wombat adventures began (episode 2) – and it went pretty well. I did have to run away from the computer and microphone a few times but nothing drastic. RimWorld is one of those games you can play and you don’t necessarily have to pay full attention to it plus you can pause it any time it’s needed. I called it a success and posted the video over to my YouTube channel, then spent a bit of time organizing my videos so they made more sense.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do more. The streams may not always be that long, but I’m going to try to devise some sort of schedule and as always if you miss any of the streams you can watch the VOD (video on demand) as a highlight on twitch, or give my YouTube channel a follow and catch it there. Either way, it feels great to be streaming again. There’s not very many things these days that I “do for me” but getting a little bit of game and stream time in is certainly one. I’m still trying to raise money for a chair, once I get that taken care of I’ll start using the cam while I stream but in the meantime it wouldn’t be much fun to watch me kneeling on the floor as I try to game, or gaming from an exercise ball, lol.

I’m thinking a Throwback Thursday stream may be fun, along with some visual novels, and of course the continued game of RimWorld. W’ell just have to see!

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