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Monday is a holiday here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving. Our holiday isn’t centered around Pilgrims or Natives, but instead is based on the seasons and harvest. Our harvest is coming to a close for the year, and so we look back at all the things we’re thankful for. While I know I have lots to be thankful for, this year, I’m just not feeling it at all. I feel like this year has been rather difficult as was last year and I feel sort of like I haven’t been able to get a break. As I write this my 1 year old is on the floor screaming his head off beside me because he threw a toy out of his reach (of course I got it for him I’m not a monster). Anyway. Since my husband is still gone for another few months I’ve decided this year I’m making ribs and salad for dinner, pizza for lunch, and I’m not doing Thanksgiving.

I did get some time to play EVE. I flew home from Jita, went to my Industry outpost, picked up a bunch of T1 and T2 blueprints I had been working on along with some PI components and re-filled all the manufacturing jobs I had let lapse. I’ll make another run to Jita in a few weeks to sell off the products, hopefully netting a tidy little sum. I’m also planning on doing some quiet mining, but I haven’t decided what I want to mine yet, and whether or not I’ll use my second account for hauling which is of course a decision I battle with every time I start playing EVE again. I’m also thinking of switching up where I call home, and moving all my assets someplace new, but we’ll have to see what, if anything, comes from that.

The Tengu is still treating me very well, but new ship itch is out in full force and it’s time to work towards something new.

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