It’s That time of Year

It never fails. Right around the beginning of fall, nostalgia rears its ugly head. BlizzCon is just around the corner, hype is starting to build up from those of my friends who are attending, and those who are not attending. The virtual ticket goes on sale and everyone is talking about their awesome goodies and inside I’m thinking I really want to be a part of all of that too.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I think the hype and excitement is good. The only ‘wrong’ part is that of course I found myself debating whether or not I should also subscribe to World of Warcraft, whether or not I could justify the cost, if I could find the time to play.

Does any of that really matter if deep down inside I WANT to play? Not really because I’ll make any line of reasoning work. For example, I have 2 hours every night of freedom between when my kid goes to sleep and I go to sleep. Sometimes that’s even 3 hours depending on how tired I am. Two hours should be enough to get a few things done IF I were going to subscribe.

Then there’s that gnome warrior I’ve always wanted to make but (so far) have not. Low level tanking could be pretty fun and the levels might not be too painful. I could learn to play a class I’ve never played before and learn to let the comments from other people roll off my shoulders (hey, this is my fantasy, let me live it).

The hype, friends playing, a class I’d like to try (even though it’s one of the original classes – oh and have I mentioned I’ve never even created a demon hunter before?) and not currently being subscribed to a game all weighed on my soul as I stared at the ‘renew subscription’ button.

Of course I subscribed.

I want some of that happy feel good energy. My husband is still gone, my days are long, and I grasp for those moments, they are what keep me going. So if it costs $20 a month (approx, remember I’m Canadian) for a little bit of that joy, why not. I see so many people beating themselves up for enjoying the small things. If you’re a hard worker, have a roof over your head, food on the table, take care of yourself and your family, why shouldn’t you be allowed to have a few small pleasures? It’s really time we stop making ourselves feel guilty every time we want to buy a new game or spend a little time in front of the TV. Of course all this is based on us being logical and working on moderation, but seriously, it’s OK to get excited.

Bring on BlizzCon… (I still don’t own a virtual ticket, but this is a start)

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