It’s OK To Like (Even Love) an Unpopular Game

My absolute favourite game of all time, is Wurm Online (or Unlimited, either one). Wurm Unlimited has “mixed” recent reviews, and “mixed” all reviews. There’s not even 1500 reviews total of the game. I have 2,399 hours on record on steam (so that’s Wurm Unlimited, and doesn’t count any Wurm Online hours). I could talk about the game for hours, and while I may not be playing right this second (I come and go in my Wurm obsession) it is one that I constantly suggest people try out, and will them to accept.

I rarely succeed.

The thing is – it’s perfectly OK to dislike or like this game – or ANY game out there. I know the reasons people don’t like Wurm. The outdated graphics, the incredible grind, the dislike of Club Code, the bugs and other issues. The unbalanced PVP. I’ve heard them all – and still this game owns my heart, as far as video games go.

I’ve never gotten mad at someone for not liking this game because I don’t expect everyone to like it. If you don’t like it, it’s quite simple – don’t play.

Please. Don’t waste your precious time on this earth playing a video game that you’re not having a great time in. Move on to something else. There are TONS of games out there catering to all sorts of gamers. Keep searching and trying to find the one that calls to you – and it doesn’t matter if everyone else is playing it or if no one else is playing it what matters is what YOU think and how YOU feel when you play it.

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  1. Shai says:

    “Don’t waste your precious time on this earth playing a video game that you’re not having a great time in.”
    This is, unfortunately, increasingly how I have been feeling with respect to EVE Online. I like the lore, and the universe, and for sure I enjoy making Pod Pals for other players… But the game itself? Meh. Too many bad experiences and disappointments, and the gameplay itself doesn’t grab me anymore. Lots of people love EVE, swear by it, will probably play it until the day the server shuts down for the last time–much like how you love Wurm. But you’re right: if it’s not a great time, it’s probably best to move on. Lately I find myself wanting to try lots of other games that I haven’t had time for in the past because of EVE. Soon I think I’ll be on the journey to find the next game that calls to me!

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