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One thing I’ve always liked about World of Warcraft is just how much stuff there is to do. I haven’t really felt like playing my max level characters, so I returned to some of my alts, and I’ve been working on older achievements. One that I never completed but that I always said I would, is the Loremaster quests. It requires questing in all of the places, and there’s a lot of older zones that I just didn’t get around to.

Arathi Highlands and Badlands are now done on the list, and I can’t remember what’s next but I’m looking forward to it. The quests are far below my characters level, but I don’t mind. I get some coin, some items I can transmute, and a bit of experience. The best part is that the ordeal is incredibly relaxing and not very time intensive so I can do a little bit here and there in between other things and still complete a zone throughout the day and feel like I’ve got something in game accomplished.

Anyone else enjoy doing these older achievements in their spare time? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Old achievements have made for some interesting side journeys. The achievement list serves as an exploration guide. Never having been a raider in WoW, one of the things I have done, either solo or with my daughter, is go back and run through the now accessible old raid instances just to see the places and the crazy fights and the mechanics that a small group player like me rarely gets to see with the current content.

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