Armies of Legionfall Faction Work

I really want to fly in Legion before I level up any more alts. It makes it easier, and a lot more fun. Especially since I’ve already leveled up three times (I realize many people have done this many more times, but this is my personal experience). So I’ve been grinding away on my priest who is the furthest along with the achievements.

One of my hangups has been getting Legionfall Commander – where you need Armies of Legionfall faction. The problem is one huge chunk of this faction comes from a quest where you defeat the legionfall armies. For whatever reason Blizzard has this on a really weird schedule that you have to do on their time and being a solo mother with an active one year old who doesn’t let me game with two hands I have just not been able to meet their schedule until yesterday. The assaults take place maybe once a day, sometimes twice a day really spread out. Never more than that. They occur at odd hours, and the easiest way to see if a legion assault is going on is to check out Wowhead because it’s on their main page. At the time of this post (4:30 PT) the next assault is at 3:30pm – no way could I make that one. Then the following one is 10am tomorrow, again another one I couldn’t make, and 4:30am on Thursday. Nope. It was by pure luck that I happened to make the one yesterday. When the assault goes on you need to go to the zone it’s taking place in, and complete four legion assault world quests. Then you need to do two more smaller quests, and a scenario. you defeat a commander boss, and you get a chunk of faction.

Now you don’t NEED to do this to work on flying, but it’s the difference between 1500+ faction, and whittling away at faction 83 points at a time. It was INCREDIBLY frustrating, and I absolutely dislike this mechanic. Lock things behind time walls all you want but let it be on MY time, and not your own schedule. Or at least make them more frequent!

I am very glad I got it done. Now I just need to keep grinding away at the weekly and daily quests and eventually I’ll get there.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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