Exploding Kittens and Munchkin Presents

Before leaving for depot my husband expressed an interest in starting a collection of board and card games, and eventually making some friends where ever we ended up who would want to play these games (presumably with us). So for Christmas I bought him the NSFW version of Exploding Kittens and the Deluxe edition of Munchkin. We played a few rounds of Exploding Kittens together a day early because we had no internet – it was a blast. The game is easy to learn, has very few rules, and the images on the cards were hilarious (there’s a whale boner card, need I say more).

I was going to pick up the Canadian edition of Cards Against Humanity, but I wanted to start out small so it will have to wait for another time. Exploding Kittens can be played with two people which was perfect over the holidays. Munchkin requires more, but we’ll get there before too  long.

Have any other board game suggestions? Two players or more is perfect! I can’t wait to add more games to our collection. We’re also hoping to start up a D&D game or two but that will depend on whether or not we can find anyone local willing to play. It should be exciting!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to Exploding Kittens and Munchkin Presents

  1. Telwyn says:

    Board game-wise we’ve just picked up Mysterium and love it: very flexible on player numbers 2-6 or more with teams and its cooperative not competitive, a rarity among such games.

  2. Calthaer says:

    Depends a lot on how complex you are looking for. On the less-complex side like Exploding Kittens, you have games like Sushi Go and Codenames. A bit further up the scale is Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and the not-yet-released Thornwatch. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Arcadia Quest are a bit more expensive and complex but great multiplayer experiences. At the high end of complexity is Mage Knight and Android Netrunner…fun but not recommended for light fare (and more 2-player than others).

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