Vrykul Story, Bro

I did it. I managed to kick and claw and pull my way through the 11 story lines of Suramar and I got them completed. The final task I have in order to fly in Legion is finishing the story line in Stormheim – and honestly at this point I’m just glad to be out of Suramar. That zone took forever and while parts of it were interesting I spent a whole lot of time playing fetch for elves which really got old.

So I have a bit more to go and then I’ll be able to fly. This whole process has been so that I could start working on some alts and leveling them up to 110. I want to be able to fly with my characters, it just makes things so much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Last night I was going to start my adventures (New Years Eve) but alas, as soon as 8pm rolled around my eyes started to close. I have been under the weather with a particularly horrible chest infection so I decided to call it an early night and went to bed. Thankfully Llama Bean let me sleep in until 4am instead of getting up at his usual 3am. Now he’s happily eating cheerios and watching some Paw Patrol so I can make this blog post.

Anyway. I’m excited to FINALLY be able to fly. I feel like in comparison to past expansions the faction grind was the easier part of this task, I’ve had the Broken Isle Diplomat for some time now. The armies of Legionfall faction was a pain but not too difficult, and the Suramar zone was the place I spent the most amount of time trying to complete because I never completed it when I was a fresh 110, but skipped on to newer content. Hopefully Stormheim doesn’t take me quite as long.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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