Thoughts on Crafting

I know, it’s late into the expansion to be talking about crafting, but it has been weighing on my mind, so here we are.

My favourite type of crafting is when it’s able to be completed independently from adventuring, or at least doesn’t rely too heavily on it. EQ2 did a fantastic job with this, allowing crafters access to higher level areas and abilities due to their crafting level, even if their adventure level was quite far behind.

I like complex crafting (think of Vanguard) and I like the ability to do something else besides beating in the heads of my enemies. Crafting fills that niche – in some games. This isn’t the case with World of Warcraft, and I feel like the past two expansions have been ‘dumbed down’ even further for those of us who enjoy crafting but who may want a break from adventuring.

First, there’s the fact that you no longer have to do any old world content to level up. You can get from 1-800 using just Legion recipes. They’ve obliterated their own content, allowing players to purposely skip it because after all who wants to do old content and farm in old places when there’s a shiny new place out there.

This was also the case in Warlords, and I disliked it back then too. I was sad to see it moving forward.

Legion also added gated content to crafting, something that I absolutely loath. You have to do adventure dungeons (on their easiest setting, but it’s still a dungeon) in order to unlock some recipes, to progress some crafts, and move forward. You are forced to group up, either with friends or using the dungeon finder tool to complete crafting quests.

I’m sure there are lots of people out there who have no issues with this, but me, I have an issue with it. I don’t mind doing crafting quests to grind reputation, or doing adventure quests to unlock things I need for crafting – but please, don’t force me into a dungeon situation when I may not be comfortable with that.

They also recommend you be 110 for the crafting quests, so that means you have to level your adventure stuff up first. I made the mistake of progressing my crafting first and I was unable to do what I needed to do because I wasn’t high enough level. It left me feeling frustrated and defeated.

Not everyone enjoys virtual killing all day long every day. Having options for people like – crafting – is a great way to keep retention on people who may not typically play your sort of game. The crafting community in MMOs is a strong one, and I dislike to see them being overlooked in a lot of games. We don’t all play the same way, and forcing us to is just a bit ignorant (and lazy).

I’m 778 in tailoring, and questing along trying to find the breadcrumbs that I’ve missed over time so that I can unlock more recipes. I still have enchanting to do and since this is a newer character I’m starting over at square one, which isn’t much fun, but I do want to get my crafting up there. Next? Maybe fishing.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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