Rematch (PetBattles)

I haven’t done a lot of pet collecting in Legion, I haven’t been through the zones to see what I’m missing, and I haven’t seen where I get the pets I’m lacking. Lately the mod I’ve been using the most, is Rematch. It lets me make teams which a few other mods let me do, but in this case I’m able to create it based on the NPC that I’m targeting. As you can see by the far right hand side I’ve got 4 Legion NPCs listed there, the ‘eternal strider’ one is just a leveling team that I threw together. Some of the battles are more difficult than others and I still need to look up the method that I defeated them the last time, but in most cases it’s pretty straight forward. Attack until the NPC pets are dead.

I’d like to get back to collecting. I’m missing almost everything you can catch in the wild in Legion, plus whatever specialty pets there are. There are only a handful on the AH that I don’t own, and I haven’t done the new pet battle dungeon yet, either.

It’s a great way for alts to level up and a relaxing way for me to spend a little time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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