Gaming Round Up

Alright, since I haven’t been doing too much exciting in game but I still want to make a post, lets see what we have.

First, Rift announced that they’ll be opening a special subscription only server that works a lot like the EQ/EQ2 progression servers if you’re familiar with those, but has some sort of conclusion that no one is really sure about. Will characters be deleted, will we get to merge them onto live servers, is this a one time deal, those sorts of questions pop up and prevent me from getting really excited about things. I played Rift for a good while, got to max level, did some dungeons, did some open world raids, but stopped playing when there were some major class changes that took place (cleric changes in specific). Will I play on the subscription only server? Highly unlikely. While I am drawn into progression servers for EQ/EQ2 due to a heavy nostalgia factor, I don’t get those same warm fuzzy feelings about Rift.

World of Warcraft released their latest update which included world wide level scaling. There was a massive outcry from transmog and mount farmers that Warlords and Mists of Pandaria were too difficult and people could no longer solo the raids. Blizzard heard these cries and Friday rolled in some changes to allow people to farm again. There are still quite a few glitches that I’ve seen people talking about, quests where rewards don’t line up or don’t actually scale, quests that are just completely broken to begin with, but I think Blizzard has their heart in the right place. Their game has been around quite a while now, and the pull of nostalgia is deep. Why not make money off of it.

Nintendo, doing what Nintendo does, announced NintendoLabo where you pay for a program, get some cardboard, and build things like fishing rods and robots that actually work. Intended for a younger user (think of building these things with your kids) I’ve seen my friends react with every spectrum of emotion available. Personally, the price point is way too high for cardboard when my kid is just going to goober all over it and it’s going to need replacing. The idea itself is pretty neat, and of course I want to see them succeed because why not.

Lots of announcements, including a visual novel FINALLY being released for the Switch (and tons of other great indie games, something I have been so excited to see). What’s your favourite announcement from the week? Let me know in comments!

Posts may be rare in the upcoming weeks as my family and I prepare for our move from British Columbia Canada, to Saskatchewan. In just over a week we’ll be packed up and driving to our new home. Posts should continue after we get settled though, so stay tuned and happy gaming!

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