Learning TradeSkillMaster

I’ve been trying to make more gold in WoW for some time, unsuccessfully. I don’t have a lot of time to play, so farming is something that I have to make quick work of, with a lot of direction in order to turn a profit. My class hall rewards some coin, but only a few thousand or so a day, IF the money reward missions are up. It’s not always guaranteed.

There’s a popular addon called TradeSkillMaster that optimizes how you go about earning coin in World of Warcraft, but this addon is not for the faint of heart. It’s complicated, there are a ton of settings, and you can’t just jump right into it (as I discovered). That being said, if you’re willing to dedicate a little bit of time to watching some YouTube videos and hanging out in their discord channel, you can learn a LOT.

That’s how I went from having about 60k to my name, to making 400k this week, and buying two WoW tokens. I’m trying to either buy Overwatch, or pre-order Battle For Azeroth using just WoW tokens. I LOVE that we can convert tokens into a type of blizzard currency. I can either get 30 days of game time, or $19 CAD. I probably need at least one more token before I can afford the basic version of BfA, and I certainly need one to get OW unless it goes on sale again (kicking myself for not picking it up over Christmas) but I’m confident that I can earn the coin without too much issue.

What have I been doing? Well, I watched some videos on YouTube first, and set up groups in TSM to do specific operations like undercut based on a %, or price at a % depending on what the market value is. The blizzard api has been down since 7.3.5 so prices are skewed right now and are not working optimally, but it’s still teaching me and it’s not too bad.

Once I had my groups optimized to do the pricing I wanted, I started watching the market. I bought a few items for a couple of hundred gold that I flipped for a few thousand. Fists of Thane Kray-Tan I found for 350g, and sold for 14250g which is still well below market, so it was a quick sale. A few recipes were going for well beneath their value, so I picked those up. Flipping is a slow way to make gold, it’s hit or miss depending on the market, and you’re subject to the whims of players. You need patience but it can pay off.

I also started selling BattlePets. Now these are different than selling most items because you can sell and buy them account wide, on any server. High population servers tend to have cheaper pets (more competition). The hardcore ‘goblins’ as the gold earners are called in discord, buy and sell on multiple servers, depending on which ones are high / low in price. Me, I’m not quite that dedicated yet. I do play on a handful of different servers, and different factions, but for now I’ve just been trying to focus on learning what I can about the main server I play on.

Alts also help you make gold, but I don’t have any that I’m actively playing right now. There’s even a discord channel for the farmers, multiboxers, and all the rest. There are so many different ways to make gold in game depending on how much time and resources you have available to you.

Honestly, I find it absolutely fascinating and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I don’t know whether it was just luck that got me the two tokens or if I can keep up earning that sort of gold, but I feel like I’m learning about how the market works, how volatile it can be, and improving my money making capabilities. You need to take the time to learn your market, what sells, what doesn’t, what are quick sales, what requires a little more patience. With new races coming up it means people will soon be dusting off those newly created alts and leveling up, meaning some things may have more of a market than others. You need to pay attention – and I love it.

I’m enjoying my time in WoW. I don’t care what anyone says about the game, how easy it is or how I should be playing XYZ instead. It’s relaxing, fun, and just really comfortable. Plus my husband should be joining me in game VERY soon, and I am just absolutely tickled about that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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