Sales Round-Up

Not every day starts off with opening the mailbox to a nice number in sales, but some days do, and it’s lovely. I’m 10k short of buying my 3rd WoW token for the week. I’d normally be able to afford it now, but the price really shot up over night. I’m hoping I can make 10k today so I can buy it before it goes up any further, but I don’t always have the best of luck. I know some of you (all of you?) are probably already bored of these posts where I just go on about making coin in world of warcraft, but I’ve been writing about it just because I find the whole idea of it so fascinating. The fact that I’ve made more gold in this single week than I have in the entire time I’ve played WoW (10+ years off and on) honestly surprises me.

Of course I also get a bit bored of it after some time. Making money is great, and it will be wonderful to purchase Overwatch and BfA and maybe a server or faction change or two with coin that I’ve earned instead of having to pay out of pocket for it, but it’s a lot of repeating the same actions over and over, hoping for a good day, and patience. Lots and LOTS of patience.

I have no patience. Well, OK, I have a BIT of patience, a little more than I started out with before I had my son, but I’m still lacking. I (like many others) like instant gratification in my video games, and playing the market in WoW is NOT about instant gratification. At all. So I find that I’m a bit at odds with myself.

Anyway. Sales over the weekend were slow, and spread out. More people playing on a weekend means more competition, and less people shopping (from what I’ve seen, YMMV). I’m hoping sales pick up a bit more over the upcoming week, but since I’ll be moving I will have to step back from making gold for a bit until we’re settled. I made just shy of 600k in the last 7 days, and it’s a really nice feeling. Even if it is just virtual currency in a video game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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