My first FPS ever

Even though I’ve owned a few first person shooter games in my time, I’ve never actually managed to play them (that includes a lovely copy of Fortnight I was super excited about that a friend gifted me). FPS has been one genre of game that I have avoided, for no real reason other than it simply didn’t appeal to me. I am not a fan of guns, violence, or killing even in a video game. I don’t like realistic games where you play at war. I admire the skills required but that’s about all.

Slowly, games started hitting the mainstream market that appealed to me a bit more. Bright colourful games without blood, characters that had personality and were more than just army characters. Cartoon like graphics that help take some of the edge off of the genre for me. Of course I’m old enough to understand the difference between a video game and real life, and I don’t worry about me being influenced like that – but it has still always made my stomach a bit queasy.

When Overwatch came out I was interested in it right away, but the price tag and the fact that I had no idea if I would even enjoy a FPS kept me from buying in. There was an awesome sale around Christmas where I almost folded and picked up the Game of the Year edition for half price, but life got busy and I balked. When I started turning my gold into tokens and adding them to my Blizzard balance I waited to see if it would go on sale again, and as my luck would have it, this weekend they also offered a free trial for people along with a 50% off sale.

My PC is still having issues with FPS in games even after trying a new video card, so I knew playing would be awkward at best, but that didn’t stop @scopique, myself, and my husband from jumping into game and playing a few rounds against the AI on medium difficulty.

It. Was. A. Blast.

I had so much fun, despite the lag (playing at 13 frames a second is really hard in an FPS). I played a bunch of different healers which as it turned out, is something I really love doing. I got to level 5, got some lunar loot boxes, fell in love with the different skins you can collect, and because I had enough coin saved up in my blizzard balance, bought the game of the year edition.

Being able to convert coin into WoW tokens into $19 CAD has been amazing. I had enough in my balance for Overwatch, and I also moved my alliance hunter to the server my husband and I are playing on. With future coin I’ll pay for game time for my account, though it’s not needed. It’s just nice. Sales have been a bit slow lately, but that’s alright I don’t expect every week to be huge, I’d rather look at a monthly picture, and I bought 5 tokens last month, which (to me at least) is a lot.

I’m really eager to solve whatever issue is going on with my PC and be able to game properly. I know playing against the AI isn’t the “real thing” in Overwatch, but for my first time ever playing that sort of game, I think I did OK. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Another one you may want to give a look-see to is Warframe. It’s actually “tps” (Third-Person) and 100% co-op in the pve. PvP is arena only and apparently not really a thing.

    I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it the past 2 months.

    Though if you just wanna stick with Overwatch, that’s cool too ;-)

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