Continuing in Eco with the Combat Wombats

The Combat Wombats have set up a dedicated Eco server, we even have a group on steam for those on-server so we can post important announcements and server changes. Scopique has been adding a few mods to the server and even working on some projects of his own that will hopefully improve the quality of life as time goes on. Meanwhile, we haven’t destroyed the planet too much, yet. I think a lot of that is due to the dedication of Arkenor, who has created a sanctuary for our rice fields along with a doomsday bank of all types of seeds. He also repopulated the trees that we all cut down our first day. Having a player like this on your Eco server is incredibly fortuitous and I hope he knows how much he is appreciated.

It’s not just Arkenor though that makes this server a place where we can live for days to come. There’s Moumix who built roads so we can stop trampling the grounds, Scopique who built a kiln and created our town hall (which is amazing, might I add), arislyn who is a cooking fiend and tries to fill all of our stomachs with delicious foods, Hampooj the tailor who outfitted me with an awesome backpack that reduces my calories spent, CakedCrusader who is a jack of all trades and helps out by placing a lot of contracts for bits and bobs, and of course the rest of our Eco players who provide in their own ways, Werit, Phoenix, and Stropp. I believe we have one or two others who haven’t made it onto the server yet but who do plan on playing. If you’re interested, drop one of the core Combat Wombats a message (myself, Scopique, or Arislyn) and we’ll see about getting you set up.

Someone asked in discord today if the game had staying power – well, it IS in early access, so there’s some features missing and it’s not as robust a game as I hope it will become over time, but there’s still a lot to do and I’m enjoying myself quite a bit. Of course it’s only the first week and we’ll have to see how things go as time goes on, but I think it has incredible potential and I’m happy to hang in there while it progresses.

That being said – yesterday I FINALLY researched my lumber book, one of the final books I need to specialize down the carpenter line. It will cost me 50(!) points to train so I’m working on stocking up my store, making my house more of a home, and filling out contract requests while I wait for those points to tick. I have 32 of them right now so I’ll probably get it either late today, or early tomorrow, depending. I also picked up tailoring, which means I can make some pretty items for my home. The more specialties you select the more costly they become, so we’ll see what I end up with.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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