Old raids, Old Dungeons, and the Argus Campaign

One of my favourite things to do in WoW is to go through old dungeons and raids that I’ve never been able to complete before on heroic and mythic levels for the achievements. This week my husband had three days off after an incredibly long work week, so while I had intended on diving into some Overwatch instead I stuck with him and we explored some Pandaria and Draenor raids. We earned a fair share of appearance gear, and of course got some great achievements on the way. I broke 13k achievement points (a useless value, but nice to see) and also got a few new battle pets.

I also spent some time in the darkmoon faire which runs until next week. I did the crafting quests to boost my crafts by 5, and I spent the rest of my time fishing for Darkmoon Daggermaw. I bought a new pet, toy, and some recipes using those and turned the rest into food to sell on the auction house. Sales have been slow but steady, I’ve got about 30-40k on each of the servers I sell on. I’m thinking of cutting down one server, it’s easier for me to monitor two than it is for me to try three. At this rate I’m not sure I’ll be able to earn enough for the next month of WoW, and I’m glad it’s not essential that I do – though it is certainly nice. We’ll just have to see if sales pick up or if I can find a new corner of the market to make a little niche in.

I would also like to level up more of my battle pets. I have been selling off some of my more rare pets, and while I don’t necessarily think that has been a mistake it does make me think I should pay more attention to the pets I DO have. Especially since I have some pretty awesome pet mods that make leveling and creating a list of pets to level pretty easy. I have over 300 that are not level 25 yet. Whewps.

All in all, I’ve just been having a great time playing WoW with my husband. I’m still trying to get through the Argus campaign, I am NOT a fan of Argus, but I can feel the end coming closer and that brings me a bit of comfort, lol.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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