So. Much. To. Do (so little time)

Even though I’ve been playing WoW steadily for almost a year, I still feel incredibly behind and there’s always something to work on. This is a short list of what I hope to accomplish, and things I want to get done in the near future.

  1. Argus campaign on all of my 110 characters (so far this is only completed on 1/5)
  2. Order hall campaign on my main
  3. Class mount on my main
  4. Rank 3 on legion crafters
  5. 800 in all professions
  6. 800 in all secondary professions on my main
  7. Champions tp 950 on all of my 110 characters
  8. 101 twink alt for fun (decide on a class)
  9. Remove the level 2 rogue that I was using for sales, and shift sales to a main character
  10. Order of the Serpent faction
  11. Faction for allied races

There’s a few other things I’d really like to do, and I’m sure I’ll switch things around (for example I’d like my druid to drop inscription, my warlock to pick it up, and my druid to pick up mining instead) as time goes on, but those are the main things. The top of the list is the one I’d most like to accomplish but it depends on how long I can stomach Argus for. I love the final zone of the three, but the first two always feel like a slog to me, I just don’t enjoy the story or the zones themselves.

What are you working on in game? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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