Economy Update

When I formatted my computer 10 days ago I lost all of my sales data, so I’ve started over and this information is from the past 10 days or so. In order to purchase 1 token a month to cover a subscription a player (on the North American servers) has to profit around 6k a day, anything else goes to generic purchases (repairs, etc). As you can see from the chart, I’m bringing in around 28k the past 7 days, 27k after expenses like repairs and any flips I buy. That’s a pretty nice chunk of change. I’m in game quite a bit but I tend to be AFK and I play sporadically, you can usually find me playing during my son’s afternoon nap, and the 2h period I have when he goes to bed at night. Otherwise I tend to be in front of the AH looking for things to snipe. I spent money on ghost iron ore because I turn that into living steel so long as the price still gives me a profit. My order hall nets me a huge chunk of change, and now that I have 5 level 110 characters I can start doing Argus with them and the order hall can technically pay for my token easily even if I were to do nothing else.

My latest project is a baby monk I’ve been leveling up for farming. Right now I have her at level 103. I’ve picked up some macros for her windwalker and brewmaster spec that make farming a lot easier (ie: one button commands). I’ve decided to go engineer so she has access to the loot-a-rang, and I can macro that as well.

My low population RP realm has an odd market. I’ve sold a mog or two for 10k+ but battle pets have so far been a slog to move. As is food. The funny thing is I’ve been selling darkmoon fair recipes for about 6-7k each and they only cost 25 fish.. which are around 7g right now. Patience as always is the name of the game.

I haven’t been flipping or reselling at all. Nothing has come up that was worth trying to flip, but I keep hoping to catch something big. Learning the market has been fun and interesting and I’m having fun sticking to one server instead of 4 and just learning the particulars of this one. I may not pull in hundreds of thousands of gold daily, but I do well enough for my satisfaction.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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