Noblegarden and Other Happenings

There’s a lot going on in World of Warcraft this week, and I love it. Yesterday marked the beginning of Noblegarden, an event where you can harvest some awesome eggs for a pet and mount (I know there are other things but these were the ones that interested me the most) and of course there’s temporary appearance gear like the cute bunny ears I am wearing on my Draenei monk above.

There was an invasion in the broken shore yesterday, so with some help from my husband we took my monk through them all and she reached just shy of level 105. Afterward we decided to duo one of the 98-110 instances just because, and she reached 105. I have leveled through the broken shore so many times (I have 5 level 110 characters so far) that I love finding new and interesting ways to push my characters along. Invasions are a great way to get a level and a bit, pet battles still reward a fair amount when I’m in the mood, and duoing dungeons meant for groups is always a sure winner.

I’ve also been working on my professions, but I’m not sure where I want to go with the monk. Right now she has inscription (and is my only scribe) and herbalism. I’m thinking of dropping herbalism (I have two others) and picking up engineering so she can use some of the fun toys which would come in handy for farming (like the loot a rang. There’s a draenor version that anyone can use and then there’s an engineer version that can be used anywhere). For now I’m undecided.

I REALLY enjoy the monk. I have been learning how to optimize my windwalker spec, and I want to pick up the other two artifacts and complete those so I have them on hand and so I can get down to learning brewmaster (tank) and windwalker (healer). I don’t expect it will take me too long to reach level 110 and then I can start running WQ (world quests) for gear, order resources, and all that fun stuff. It’s also my first time playing a draenei and I am LOVING the look. I may race change to a lightforged one if I can ever manage to unlock them. For now I still require a fair amount of faction. Ugh. Faction.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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