Battle for Azeroth – We Have a Release Date!

Today it was announced that Battle For Azeroth will release August 14th! That’s about a month earlier than I thought it would come out, just before kids start heading back to school. I’m due with Nug on July 27th, so I may even be able to get in some game time by then, though I imagine it will be greatly reduced hours.

There’s some preparation I’d like to do for BfA, especially since I’m sure they’ll be reducing the gold output from Order Halls. In no particular order, some of the things I want to finish off before BfA are:

  • All 6 110 alts to 950 order hall and collecting coin missions as often as possible
  • Professions all at 800 in preparation for BfA
  • Class mounts for as many characters as I can
  • Allied races unlocked
  • Level my final 2 characters to 110

Right now I’m working on the professions portion because it’s simple enough to do if I actually focus. I’ve swapped my main (again) from my priest to my monk, and I am having an absolute BLAST with the class. The monk is a character I boosted to 90 way back when and then I never touched. I leveled to 100 doing invasions, and then afterward (again) never touched. This time I’m playing windwalker (though I do have my tank and heal artifacts as well) and I just can’t express what a great time I’m having. I feel like I’m actually contributing to groups, and it’s fairly stress-free since I’m not playing a healer (the class I typically play). I’m not 100% sure if I’ll stick with her as a main in BfA, we’ll have to see – but for now I’m having a great time.

The two remaining characters that have yet to reach 110 are my shaman and my warlock, neither of which I am that keen on playing. I currently have:

  • Monk – Engineering / Inscription
  • Paladin – Alchemy / Herbalism
  • Druid – Mining / Herbalism
  • Priest – Tailor / Enchanting
  • Priest #2 – Skinning / Mining
  • Hunter – Skinning / Leatherworking

Then the two pre-110 characters

  • Shaman – Mining / Jewelcrafting
  • Warlock – Engineering / Blacksmithing

The only profession I have at 800 is skinning on my 2nd priest, and everyone else is hovering in the 600-700 ranges so it’s a pretty big goal of mine to get them done. Rumor is it will be harder to level up professions through the older tiers, so I really want to be able to focus on the new content.

What are you going to be focusing on for BfA? Any plans in the works? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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