Getting my RTS on

Progressing through my pregnancy has left me just as I remember from the last one – little desire to actually sit at my computer chair, and fingers too swollen and sore to do much elaborate movements. Still, I love to game, so I’ve found other ways to combat these issues. This week, I dove into some RTS games (real time strategy) and got my gaming fix that way.

I started off playing a game of Civilization, as Brazil. I lost, horribly. I started out strong and was taking over the cities of my closest neighbours but then had a change of heart and wanted to play nice, except everyone already hated me and I lost due to some diplomatic something or other (I also had the game set to 500 turns which ran out, so maybe technically I didn’t lose so much as I wasn’t the winner). It was still a lot of fun, I love Civilization (I’m playing 6, the latest version, with Aztec DLC and none of the others because I don’t own them).

Next I downloaded and loaded up Age of Empires II, a game I’ve owned for a while but had not played in a very long time. Of course I had completely forgotten what the goal was and what I was supposed to be doing, so my farmers, lumberjacks, and builders were no match for the mounted cavalry that came charging in to wipe us out. Hey just because I like playing RTS games doesn’t mean I’m any GOOD at them.

Third up – Warcraft III. I’ve actually NEVER played Warcraft III before. Ever. Thanks to having a bunch of bnet balance I picked up the game for $12 (CAD) and jumped right in. Having been an avid player of WoW, it’s neat to see the story lines presented from the Warcraft III perspective (which came first, after all) and thrall and his grunts are happily smushing things. Unfortunately I forgot to run the game in comparability mode  so I missed out on all of the opening cutscenes, but it should be fixed for future campaigns.

Finding games that I can still play with my particular issues of late has been fantastic. It’s nice not to have to give absolutely everything up, and RTS games allow me to quickly step away and tend to life.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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