Slow Sales, and an Increase in Spending

Sales have been slowing down as we approach the release of BfA, and I have been struggling to manage even 6k a day in order to continue my subscription using only blizzard balance. Of course it’s not a huge deal since my account is paid in advance for a few months now, and I already pre-ordered BfA, but still, I was really enjoying those 50-100k days. It doesn’t help that I’ve been taking a more laid back approach to my gold earning, and I’ve been spending a LOT of gold myself on trying to raise my professions to 800.

I found out that you’ll still be able to get to max level in crafting using just BfA – but if you want the recipes for the previous tiers (and lets face it, completionist in me does) you’ll need to level up through those tiers. I’m pretty sure this is for the vendor recipes only and not the dropped ones, but you’ll still want to have a good collection of recipes either way. That’s why I’m expecting an influx of more expensive crafting materials.

I’ve also heard rumors of Ashran being changed / removed so that the only way to raise faction will be through the medallion of the Legion item that allows you to raise Draenor factions. I’ve purchased a few and I’m hanging onto them in case these rumors prove true (I believe there’s a guide about this on YouTube as well). Along with the Ashran rumors is the fact that no one is really sure what will happen to the auction house components you need from Ashran, so people are stock piling those items, too. Just in case. Having an auction house in your garrison is really nice, chances are if you’re sniping you don’t have to worry about being phased, especially on a busy server where that happens quite frequently.

I’ve got so much Clefthoof meat that all of my characters are now at 700 cooking, which is nice. It takes less than 1k meat to raise the skill, and I end up with all sorts of discovered Draenor recipes. I did raise cooking to 800 on my main character (old main? Not sure who I’m going with for BfA) and fishing is on my to-do list as well.

I’ve been making various bags to sell along with living steel combines, but money is still only trickling in. I know it’s partially because I play on a low population server, but I hope to see it pick up eventually. I snagged some semi-cheap 880+ ilevel gear and have been attempting to flip it, but there just hasn’t been a market. From what other goblins are saying they’re also experiencing a bit of a dry spell, but there are always some sure wins. I have a very difficult time trying to sell pets at all on my home server, and I wish this were different.

I’m over 100k liquid gold at the moment, but I really had my eyes set on breaking 1 million, and it feels like I’m starting over from scratch. Not a big deal, I’m certainly not hurting, but if I want to ever reach that 1 million I’m going to have to cut back on my own spending and find out what is currently selling, even if it is just a few gold here and there. I’m also still doing garrison missions, but with only 1 character having max level followers, coin there is only a few thousand a day, too.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. I know money making will return as soon as BfA hits, and maybe even as the pre-patch stuff goes live, so I’ll just have to keep an open mind and prepare myself for the expansion.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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