(Many) Mistakes Were Made

When I talk about my adventures into making gold in World of Warcraft, it’s only too easy for me to highlight the good sale days, or days when I managed to catch a fantastic item priced for cheap that I flip for a large profit. If I only talked about those sorts of days, that would be pretty misleading.

This week, as an example, I’ve barely made 50k total. Compared to the previous week where I easily pulled in 600k, this one has been a bit of a downer. That’s OK though, patience is key. You just keep hoping and waiting it out and maybe expand your markets and try a few new things and see if you can get those numbers rising again.

One of the biggest mistakes I made happened early on when I was first learning how TSM worked and how to make gold on my specific server. I had a pretty hefty pet collection, almost 700 pets, including four TCG (trading card game) pets. I had very little liquid (remember, money in gold form on hand) to invest in anything, and I had no idea how sales worked or what I was doing. In order to make some liquid so I could begin my empire I decided I would sell off my own pets.

This was a HUGE mistake. Not only because I sold them all for well below their value, but because I LOVE pet battles! I leveled them up, completed quests, hunted for ones I didn’t own, and invested money over time into my collection that I absolutely loved. Now, a few months later, I regret it deeply. ESPECIALLY selling off my TCG pets. I’ve been trying to recoup my losses by making smarter decisions and buying pets I don’t currently own when they are 50% lower than market value, but since I play on a low population server, pets are always quite pricey. If you want to buy pets, the best places are high population servers because there is more competition and in MOST cases the pets will be cheaper. Pets are account bound, so it doesn’t matter WHERE you buy them from, you can use them on y0ur server.

My collection isn’t nearly as impressive as it used to be, and I still debate with myself every day if I want to drop the 300-400k (each pet) gold to pick up the TCG pets that I so foolishly sold. I have been slowly working the collection back up and giving some much needed love to my pet battles, but it is a slow painful process.

At least I learned something.

Do NOT sell off your personal belongings (this goes for transmog, pets, crafting materials, recipes, whatever) just to boost your gold count. You need to take some enjoyment in playing the game, too, however you find it.

2 Responses to (Many) Mistakes Were Made

  1. Gracie says:

    Ouch! That’s a painful lesson. I hope you can recover everything without sinking too much of your hard-earned gold.

    I love my battle pets and seem to have the opposite problem. I hold on to duplicate or triplicate pets that I probably should be selling. There’s very few I actually need more than one of, but I just can’t bear to part with them!

    • Gracie says:

      Actually if you have a list of what you are missing, I’d give you anything I have extras of. Shoot me an email or DM on twitter (@discgrace) and I’d be happy to hook you up!

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