Why Knitting (and Learning) is Important to Me

My twitter timeline lately has been filled with knitting. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of it this year, but back in December I had set myself some goals that I wanted to accomplish, and they were goals that were really important to me. One of those goals was to learn the “fish lips kiss heel” – an alternative to doing gussets.

A bit of backstory – I’ve been knitting for almost 3 years (this September). I’m completely self taught. I found out I have a bit of a knack for it, and I find it really (really) enjoyable and relaxing. I purchased the FLKH pattern almost 2 years ago for $1 (that’s all the designer charges) and was COMPLETELY intimidated by the booklet that came along with the pattern. It was 18 pages of explanations and examples and instructions. I set it aside and went back to gussets.

I decided this year would be THE YEAR. I would FINALLY learn how to do these magical heels. Why are they magical? The designer claimed there was zero math involved, that there would be no gaps, and that they’d fit perfectly. If you’ve ever knit a gusset before, you know these are pretty big claims. I was still terrified.

I read the instructions. Watched the youtube videos. Re-read the instructions, and then just dove in, knitting my sock toe up for the first time ever and then following the pattern (which may be 18 pages long, but only one page is the actual instructions).

I should have done this 2 years ago. The heel is everything it claims to be and more. I am pretty sure I will never go back to a gusset type heel and that this is going to be my new favourite. I’m not 100% sold on the toe design I decided to use, but that’s the great thing about knitting, there are tons of options.

The best part is how proud of myself I am. I set a goal. I stuck with it. I accomplished it. I learned something new that works and it makes me feel good about myself and my skills.

Don’t let that little voice in your head hold you back. Go after your goals, no matter what that voice is telling you. It’s a huge cliche but the only regret I have is not trying sooner. Even if I failed (and trust me, I have failed in knitting many MANY a time before) I would have at least tried. I didn’t even give myself the opportunity to fail.

So here’s to my awesome looking socks – and now I can knit some for my very knit-worthy husband, because I don’t have to be so afraid.

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  1. Gracie says:

    That is definitely an awesome looking sock! Knowing that you are entirely self-taught gives me hope that someday I might be able to knit socks too. I love the idea of concrete goals for learning new things, maybe it is time for me to set some for knitting.

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