Day 11 – Mitered Memory Blanket

I finished my first panel of 3×3 squares for my memory blanket and am working (very slowly) on my second panel. Only 3/9 squares are done so far, but it’s not supposed to be a very fast project. Once I have a few more 3×3 panels I’ll try different joins to see which one I prefer. I’m anticipating a heavy black border around the outside and between each panel, but we’ll see what looks best. The squares are looking more uniform and are getting slightly faster for me to do now that I’ve got 12 under my belt, too. I almost wish I were doing these squares in a heavier yarn so that it would knit up faster. I do have a patter for one from knitpicks which I may end up attempting (eventually) but we’ll have to see.

In the meantime, craft on!

2 Responses to Day 11 – Mitered Memory Blanket

  1. Gracie says:

    Nice progress! I love the keyboard/mouse in the background. Do you knit in front of the computer too? I always mean to move somewhere more comfy, but it’s just so darn convenient to have easy access to patterns, tutorials, netflix, etc. that I end up parked in front of my computer all night.

    • stargrace says:

      I do knit in front of the computer – I have a lovely app for patterns on my ipad but my son tends to steal that away from me, so it’s just easier to have it on my PC (I have dual monitors). I normally have Netflix or WoW up or something where I can watch and be semi social but not especially social (discord, etc) and my patterns at hand, teehee.

      I love my mouse and keyboard, my husband got them for me as a Christmas present, making a hard swap from my usual G-series to Razor (haven’t looked back)

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