14/365 – Fingerless gloves

I still need to finish off the thumb, but my first fingerless glove is completed – yay! There are a few imperfections with it, but I don’t mind, they’re what make it unique to me. I can’t wait to wear them this fall! They would have been completed a lot faster had I not just had a newborn (laugh) but I’m still really pleased with the progress. Expect a review about the yarn that I used in a few days time, for now I’ll just say it was an absolute joy to work with and I LOVE the stitch definition (an important component to good yarn).


Day 13/365 – Fingerless Gloves & Beta Yarn


If Reality Feels like a Game, Play Along and You’ll Get the Most of It

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  1. SQUEE! It’s gorgeous. I’m amazed and so happy with how the colorway worked up for this project! Looking forward to seeing the finished gloves and your full thoughts about the yarn. :)

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