If Reality Feels like a Game, Play Along and You’ll Get the Most of It

When you’re a gamer, it is really easy to get lost between reality and the virtual world. Especially in recent years, when games are becoming even more and more immersive each year. You can basically build a whole new virtual life and communicate with your virtual (yet real) friends. I’ve watched a movie not so long ago, called Ready Player One that really portrays what a life of a gamer may turn into and although it might seem a little bit crazy, it may really happen. The sooner you realize, the better.

The thing is, a regular person wouldn’t understand the life of a gamer, so in order to have a successful communication with that person, you as a gamer have to start thinking about life as a game.

Think about it… The moment you were born you became a random avatar, then you’ve spent years upgrading, learning and collecting skills, you’ve leveled up and now you can start strategizing. As simple as that. Life is a game strategy. The main goal, of course, is managing your time and resources and surviving the mini-games and challenges that life brings. Competing against opponents, sex, and school, learning to drive, dancing, dating… These are all the mini-games that come along the way, through which you lose or collect points and learn something.

But like in any game, be it an online battle royale game, a casino game at feedbackcasino.com, or a simple bowling game at the mall, what is the most important thing? Time. Time is of the essence. Planning and managing your time thoroughly and properly brings a lot of points.

Unfortunately, the main difference between most games (not all) and real life is that there is no second chance, no respawn. That is why you should drop whatever you’re doing and start strategizing and planning time and resources.

Think of it like starting a brand new game: you’re new to this, but you still have some background in it. You know how to play a game, so whatever this new game brings, you will know how to handle it. You might make mistakes, but you’ll learn from them. What has changed? Your point of view.

As a gamer, your real life will become significantly easier if you think of it as a game. Your family complains that you’re not spending enough time with them? Think of it as a mini-game where you collect points in your family’s eyes, and you collect energy. Your friends invite you to a pool party? Great, another mini-game. Go there, have the time of your life and remember you’re gaining skills, social skills.

Don’t feel confined or guilty if you need your space to actually play a video game. It is just a game within a game. You’re allowed to do that, you’re gaining skills again, a skill within a skill actually.

See? It is that easy. The sooner you start treating life like the one thing you know to do best, the life starts for you.

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