Sadness. Slipping. Afraid to speak up. Afraid to inconvenience. Wrapped up in their own happenings, I observe. I know their stories. I hear their cries. I reach out.

They don’t. Stop expecting them to. Stop this preconceived notion that they should be a certain way. Stop being disappointed.

No family. No friends. No sleep. Just thoughts. Too many thoughts.


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  1. Atheren says:

    It sounds like exhaustion and lack of sleep is getting to you. There’s why we have children when we’re young and can bounce back, even if it’s slower some days than others. If I recall from your last post, you also had a Caesarean and, you know, that’s major surgery, and you’ll need recovery time there too.
    I’m not Canadian, but it looks like there are agencies that help and support moms depending on where you live. Go ahead and reach out, see what is there for you that can get you through these tough months. Once baby two and you! are sleeping through the night, things will smoother. I thought of a “tag” for you to write here and on social media about being a tired gamer mom. Gamer Mom SOS. Sometimes just writing about your experiences and frustrations can help relive the pressure. I’m sure there are lots of gamer moms out there struggling as you are who would just like to move forward to the halcyon Candyland days. Hugs, go slow, you can do this.

  2. SDWeasel says:

    You okay? I’m concerned because it sounds like you’re not. We’re here if you want someone to talk to.

  3. Jeff Howe says:

    Newborns are a handful. More than that really with another child needing you as well. It does get better though so hang in there and keep reaching out to friends and family of any kind. Help and kind words can show up from the most unexpected places!

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