Change is Good

I recently started playing Wurm Unlimited again, on the Sklotopolis server. Let me start off by saying that yes I promote this server a lot because it’s absolutely one of the best ones out there – and it keeps getting better. The developers recently coded a bot that hooks into the Wurm API and we can now talk back and forth between discord and game. It’s fantastic. It strengthens an already strong community, and I just think it’s a fantastic feature. I also think it’s impressive that this is a feature on a small independent gaming community, and not a larger company.

Anyway, that’s not the theme of this post. What I wanted to talk about in this post is how I’ve recently disbanded my two main deeds, keeping my 3rd smaller coastal deed on Liberty, and moved to Novus.

What spurred this on you might ask?

I recently posted looking for a pre-fabricated deed because I simply don’t have the time to design a new deed from scratch, and at the time I had no coastal home (after the fall of Moumix’ place). Barefoot responded, and offered to build me a deed (with payment of course) on Novus. He found the perfect location, asked me about the smaller particulars (buildings, landscaping, etc) and set to work.

I also joined a new alliance on Novus. I love my alliance on Liberty, but it’s hard to get people talking or to feel really involved because they have known one another for a very long time. My hours also don’t really match up, and while I know people come and go from the game I was feeling a little lonely. Being on a more active server (a lot of people left to Novus when it was linked to Liberty) has helped me feel not quite as lonely.

I do still have one smaller deed over on Liberty, in a new location. I took down Quail Keep and Quail Castle, and created Quail Cove over on the East coast. I’m hoping to slowly (ie: very slowly) turn it into a small town hub for when I go to Liberty events, and for alts. So far it’s going quite well, and despite all the changes I’m feeling happy and confident about them.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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