A Tale of Two Deeds Part One – Novus

For those who know me in Wurm Unlimited, you know that I have never been the greatest fan of building deeds. I used to, long ago, but I’ve been playing this game for many (many) years now and I just don’t find the same thrill in it. What I have done for the past few years and my preferred method, is to buy a completed deed that has everything I want. 

In Wurm Unlimited this is sometimes difficult to do, as everyone I’ve met enjoys building up their own places and are reluctant to part with them. What I did instead was post a WTB post, and hire willing players to build the deeds for me, giving them complete control over pretty much every aspect – with a short shopping list of what I deemed requirements. 

The deed pictured above is my home on Novus, a newer server with a higher population. It sports an amazing cottage with working kitchen, a nice workshop, storage area, and many animal pens. The whole deed is surrounded by maple trees (my favourite) and has lots of room for animals. It also has a sizeable mine. I originally wanted the deed built for my Fo priests, but decided to keep it for my main character, Stargrace, instead. Barefoot took on the challenge of building it for me, and I’m so thankful he did. 

I love owning completed deeds. Then I can focus on what I enjoy doing – crafting, working skills, breeding animals. In the past I would do a lot of exploring but my time these days is limited, so I haven’t done as much of that. 

clay and peat area being built 
A look into the main area as it was being built 
Temple area, and a view of the stables 

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