Sklotopolis Server Events – Troll Invasion

Engineer informed us that some over zealous trolls had taken control of a town on the Novus server and it would be up to us to rescue any survivors and free the town from their wrath. We showed up on horses, no wagons, no carts, our best armour polished, war cries on our lips and we were ready to go.

A lot of troll bodies hit the ground… a lot of players, too. It was awesome. In the end we DID rescue the village, and we were rewarded with donation chests that contained sleep powder for our efforts. It was a fantastic event, a nice change from the player-run slayings, and the rifts that happen.

I’m looking forward to more of these events in the future! I went with Minxes, my Fo priest, and I’m really glad I did – although next time I’m going to take a surplus of gems with me so I can have more favour for healing..

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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