Wurm – Online?!

Wurm Online is still very much a thing, even though there is also Wurm Unlimited now which is the game on steam with self hosted or servers hosted by others. That’s where I play on Sklotopolis. Before WU, I played on WO, for many many years. Some of the features in WO are NOT on WU, and this winter the developers have done a pretty good job in luring players back.

WO is a F2P game – but you do need premium time if you expect to get anywhere. Premium is less than a AAA mmo would cost, but it’s still a fee. I started out my WO days on Deliverance, and then hopped around to various servers as they opened, eventually settling on Xanadu.

Over the years I felt off, living there. Xanadu is HUGE, and I didn’t feel connected to any part of it.

When WO announced the new changes they were implementing to fishing, priests, and wagoneers, I decided that it was time to return to my roots. I sold off my old Xanadu place and headed back to Deliverance, where I joined up in an alliance with Yaga, a longtime player I’ve known for ages.

Deliverance is comfortable and every day I see names in GL-Freedom that I recognize. Pingpong, Elwood, Velvetsun, these are all folks I’ve “known” in game for at least 7 years, probably longer. The developers loosened the restrictions on priests, we still can’t improve items, but we can do a lot more activities than before. I can actually build, which is a start.

I can’t dig, or pack the ground as a priest of Smeagain, but I do have an alt that can do those things for me.

I won’t lie, it feels REALLY good to be playing again. Wurm has always been a home for me, and for whatever reason the game just touches every single aspect I’ve ever enjoyed in a video game. Hopefully it’s a home for many years to come.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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