A Very Slow Start to 5 Million Gold

I said I was going to be pretty casual about earning my 5 million gold, but I didn’t expect to be QUITE this casual. We’re 12 days in to my 365 days to 5 million gold, and I’ve only earned 23,000 gold. There’s a pretty good reason for that, and it’s simply because I haven’t been playing WoW nearly that much. I haven’t been logging in to restock my market, I haven’t been crafting, I’ve basically just been logging in twice a week to re-set things and even then it has been a halfhearted attempt because I’ve had other real life things on the go.

Thankfully I do have a 1.5 million gold head start. That means even I earn nothing, I should still (hopefully) be ahead the 322,000 gold I “need” by the end of January. As long as I’m staying ahead of the curve, I feel pretty good about things. The problem is if every month is like January eventually that will catch up with me, and I’ll be behind.

What I’d like to do is get back into some farming and crafting. Maybe pick up some pets to sell on the AH. Ultra casual methods that won’t require a lot of time, but should leave me with a little bit more profit than I’m seeing when I do absolutely nothing (lol, funny how that works).

Lets see if we can pick it up the rest of January and February!

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