I Forgot to take a Screenshot

Friday night members of Kamikaze Runners & The Wombattery got together in Guild Wars 2 to attempt a guild puzzle (I forget what they’re actually called) – it would be our second (I think) attempt at this one. The first time we did it I was AFK the entire time at the entrance to the zone and completely useless. I’m not sure I was any more useful this time around BUT we did complete it!

It was a series of puzzles that needed to be solved, and my favourite part is when we had to open a curtain and then emote whatever it was we saw pictured behind it. Then we had X amount of time to run up and do mini jumping puzzles to another curtain where we had to emote what we had below, up top. Confusing?! YES! Especially with 7 people. It was a LOT of fun though and I’m really glad I was able to go.

I didn’t get to hang out for long but I am glad we managed to complete a guild event. Hopefully I can keep attending on Friday nights at least while my husband is off on paternity leave.

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