Priestpalooza Update

I’ve been running an event at my deed on the Sklotopolis Wurm Unlimited server since Saturday, trying to help people reach 100 faith before the next update comes out. How it works is every 30 minutes someone can hold a sermon, and for every listener you’ll gain .02 faith. Then your individual character is on a 3h count down before you can sermon again.

The goal is to get a large number of listeners so that the faith gains are as big as possible. When you pray at skill level 90+ your gains are close to nothing. An example? My gains are currently .0010 so getting to 100 is almost impossible (you can only pray every 20 minutes to up your gains) without doing sermons.

We’ve had 6 people reach 100 skill so far, and I expect our grand total Saturday should reach at least 10 total. That’s wonderful, I’m very pleased with the turn out and the effort that everyone has put in. We’re using a google sheet to track the sermons, who goes when and next. It automatically updates columns with a time stamp based on when you post your faith gain, so it’s pretty hands off and an amazing bit of script work from two members of our server. One with the original page for tracking and another for the added automation.

I’ve been pretty stressed out hosting people all week long. Doing sermons is boring, but you wan’t listeners. Because it’s on my personal deed I haven’t given permission to people all willy nilly and I’ve only allowed a few things. I’ve supplied food and drink, and the GMs came by and dropped a julbord for food. I supplied fishing rods so people can raise up some skill, and gave advice on spell casting and stuff like that.

Still, a week straight is a LONG time to host an event that runs 24/7 – as much as I love my server and my new room mates, I’ll be even more glad for the quiet once the event is over.

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