A Handful of Sales

I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to sell since the release of BFA. I was rolling in money just before the expansion came out. Transmog was slow but steady, crafted was OK, and I was able to pick up a number of great items to flip.

Since the release my luck has fallen and I find it much more difficult. Whether it’s because I’m not playing WoW quite as much (possibly) or because the market has shifted and left me behind (probably) I’m not sure, but I am curious to find out what does actually sell on my small low population roleplay server.

So far crafted goods are still doing pretty well, especially BFA craft materials. The problem is I actually need to log in and farm said materials in order to sell them, or find some items to flip.

Either way, slow and steady is the way I’ll win this 5 million gold race (with myself). Making 13k a day is my minimum to surpass 5 million in 365 – a goal that’s still very much obtainable.

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