Getting Stuff Done in Dwarf Fortress

I haven’t managed to watch any more videos on Dwarf Fortress to learn my way around, but I did spend some time navigating menus in order to solve a few simple mysteries. I know how to read the history or thoughts of my dwarves who are actually complex beings with long life stories. Some have dreams of starting a family, others are materialistic and want to own things. All of them enjoy drinking and get angry if they don’t use cups. Go figure.

I also managed to figure out how to create craft stations. I have a carpenter area, some stills for brewing, and a kitchen. I learned how to assign tasks to those areas, and then realized all of the food we had harvested was rotten so meals couldn’t actually be made.

I did make some beds, and doors! My dwarves now have bedrooms. Some more extravagant than others as I had no idea what I was doing when I was learning to mine and create all this. Whewps.

I learned refuse should go outside, and cats kill a lot of critters in your base. I created zones for certain things, and stockpiles for other certain things. I learned to read the red messages in TINY font at the bottom of the screen to see what is going on when someone freaks out, and that if you look REALLY close, you can see everything happening, but it happens REALLY fast.

Now that I’m getting into the game a bit more I’m absolutely loving it. Of course this is still very much scratching the surface of the game. I’m playing on an easier path with pre-determined stats so I can learn and figure things out. Aside from rats and hamsters, no one has died. I am afraid the elves are not a fan of me because I cut down a LOT of trees, but it hasn’t become an issue.. yet.

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