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We started with 7 – and now we’re up to 116 Dwarves living in the fortress. Some interesting things have transpired and I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to cope with each situation.

First, if you’re not using the sound pack that comes with the lazy newbie pack I highly recommend it because you can hear when things are happening even if you can’t see it because it’s on a different layer. My game pauses and I can typically figure out what’s going on.

Like when Traellan was taken over by a mood. It could be good or bad. He became inspired (so to speak) and had a deep desire to create a masterpiece. Except I didn’t have all of the pieces he required, so he was going to go insane and probably destroy my whole base.

I ended up locking him in his room, and he has been “missing” for a while now. I’m making sure the dwarves don’t go in so they don’t find the corpse and get upset over it. I think it’s working.

I learned how to designate rooms. I have proper bedrooms now. A dining area. A hospital (that no one uses yet). I learned how to mark animals for slaughter after our second winter which was really important because they were running out of food. They’re getting water from some place, but I have no idea where. I have not figured out farming yet at all. I have a mayor now (yay) but also (boo) because they want a huge amount of fancy things that I just can’t seem to supply them. They also mandated that we make catapult parts.

Why? Who knows, they’re the mayor and that’s all that matters.

I dug down a few layers of earth to create stock piles and zones and workbenches but I like being able to see everything all on one level. The elves are visiting right now, I’m wondering why they’re ignoring all of the trees that I cut down that are surrounding my trade depot area…

I do have one possessed dwarf who will probably go insane and finish off this rendition of the base because he wants too many items for his masterpiece that I can’t supply (or figure out). That’s OK, I think soon I will be ready for another attempt, and my second fortress will be bigger and badder than the previous rendition. I’m honestly surprised I’ve lasted this long.

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