Down Goes the Fortress

It started out innocently enough. A were creature made their way onto my map, transformed, and took out 5 dwarves. Little did I know at the time after my hunters were done with the creature that it had also bitten 3 children.

Those children turned into Were creatures and half my colony was wiped out in the battle that ensued. Needless to say it all went downhill from there. The children (there was an abundance of them for some reason) started becoming acclimated to the gore and death. They started throwing tantrums and fighting with the remaining Dwarves. Their thoughts were particularly dark, they would feel nothing after seeing dead animals or other people and they would get excited when they managed to choke someone to death.

Nothing creepier than having a whole fortress run by scary little dwarven children who want a taste of you, literally.

The fortress hasn’t technically ‘failed’ yet, I still have 50 or so alive (including the children who are still going insane). I have 4 ghosts, one berserk, and a handful of animals. Recovery is probably not going to happen at this point, so I’m just playing through it waiting until the last dwarf falls.

I don’t expect it will take too long, at this rate.

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