Another Dwarf Fortress

With my new knowledge of Dwarf Fortress I decided to retire my old fortress and begin a fresh one. This time I picked the wilderness, and I have a waterfall right through my area. There’s also a few rivers, and a few towns scattered around. My fortress is still in the early stages, so only one person has gone insane (he sadly could not complete an heirloom that he wanted to craft, we simply didn’t have the supplies).

In the screenshot above the Elves have just packed up their caravan and are headed back home across my bridge. I have stairs leading down into the fortress, and my pastures and pens are down south. I learned how to set up the trade depot so the next time the elves are over I can trade some animals and instruments from them hopefully. I’m creating lots of junk items in the meantime to trade them.

There are less children this time around, and they seem happier. I’ve managed to keep up with bedrooms, doors, tables, and chairs. They have a temple (yay) and I created a library. As soon as the library was designated I had scholars arrive! It’s pretty exciting.

It’s difficult to keep my dwarves busy, especially the ones that mine, but I’m trying to give them big areas to clear out further down where it takes longer to mine. Their skills are getting quite good, so they keep mining faster.

I’m sure something will happen soon to cause death and destruction but for now everyone is happy. I even made my first well! Oh, and I assigned some jobs. I have a manager now so I can create work profiles, a really hand thing when trying to keep my dwarves busy. I also assigned a head of hospital, and a broker. Still, there’s tones to the game that I haven’t even brushed up on yet. Two friends from Combat Wombat are talking about their own adventures in our discord and it involves vampires, jails, a justice system and sounds exciting.

I’m sure I’ll get there if I keep up with it. The game is a lot like RimWorld in the method that I play, so it’s quite enjoyable. I might even get around to streaming it eventually.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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