Day 27

The goal my husband and I set for January was no take out for the whole month, and we’re almost there. I’m down 5lbs, from 225 to 220 just from that single change. I didn’t change groceries or eating habits or exercise. Those are challenges coming up. February’s goal is no pop no chips no candy – and fast food is allowed, but I’m hoping by abstaining all of January the healthier habit will carry over. Another part of that goal is out 2x a week with the family which is hard to do where we live because it’s -50c some days, but I’m sure we can find things to do.

There are days I REALLY wanted fast food. Rough days when cooking was absolutely unappealing and I wanted something easy – but I reminded myself about the challenge, and I knew we could do it.

I’m confident we can handle the rest of the challenges, too. Here’s hoping I make it below 200lbs this year and to just being healthier overall.

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