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I recently passed the 1 gold mark in Wurm Unlimited. It’s the first time I’ve ever earned that amount of money and I’m really proud of it. I know I could have earned the money ages ago if I focused, but there was always something to distract me. You can also donate to the server for some silver, but I’ve never really wanted to do that.

Most of my coin has been earned through selling steel tools. I make a batch and then randomly enchant them, selling them as affordable items for relatively new players. With the ability to earn 25c each day just from voting, and a very generous bounty system, my tools are well priced so that newer players can have ‘good’ items and then purchase even better items and enchants later on.

What to do with the coin? I’m not sure yet. The only real use I have for money is deed expansion, and I can’t expand until I can get a hold of a neighbour who is blocking me in on one side. I’m attempting to purchase their deed, but so far I’ve never seen them around. Aside from that, I’m trying to purchase a supreme bone from someone so I can get a weapon of mine done. When Ogur and I go to Caza I typically end up tanking, and I’d like to work on a nice set of gear with a weapon and a shield for it.

I don’t mind paying well for the few items I do end up needing. Putting the money back into the economy is the best thing in a player-driven market like this.

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  1. Rob Carver says:

    do you have more of that stuff for sale Star? would be interested in some 2 handed weapons if you have some chanted up in stock.

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