WTF Wednesday

This week we’re featuring two games that are apparently made by different but the same people. What The Heck, Dude? and Dude Simulator. The best comment is the one pictured above that says “you can figure that it’s just one dev that doesn’t understand how to make a playable game, but knows how to sell the same game twice.”

Apparently you run around punching things in the first game – and that’s all there is to it. Who doesn’t like to solve everything with violence?! Sound like a game you want to play? Maybe not.

The description of the game on steam is pretty self explanatory:
What The Heck Dude? is a drunk fight simulator with realistic physics. You are going to find yourself in different life situations, and every time you will have to start a fight. No matter where are you and what you are doing, your only task is to spoil the event and initiate a brawl.

2 Responses to WTF Wednesday

  1. Naithin says:

    The absolute best, bestest part of all this?

    That reviewer has near enough to **six hours** playing this thing. Madness. I struggle sometimes to get six hours into a game I LIKE.

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