Masterwork Dwarf Fortress

One of the things I enjoy the most about RimWorld is that you can expand and customize gameplay with mods. The steam workshop is filled with hundreds of them, and I can spend hours picking and choosing which mods to incorporate in my game.

Dwarf fortress plays a lot alike. There are extensive mods that can customize the game for you.One of those mods is Masterwork Dwarf Fortress (MDF). The wiki explains that it makes DF 4 times as big, but still keeps true to the original atmosphere of the game. It adds buildings, restrictions, creatures, races, utilities, and other quality of life changes. One of my favourite changes is the ‘generic materials’ system. Instead of having leather from 40 different creatures, you just have leather. Instead of having milk from 5 different animals, it’s just milk. This helps my Dwarves organize by not requiring a different container for each and every type of item.

I had my husband set up a world for me and choose the embark location. I like to be surprised and I figured why not. Almost immediately shit started going downhill. First, I live in a weird hole in the ground made of rock (I mean the surface is rock) with vegetation above me. There is a tiny little lake for water (supposedly there’s an ocean nearby but I haven’t seen signs of one) and I have no idea who my neighbours are but I was under siege from undead almost as soon as I landed.

I received a warning that the undead walk and all my Dwarves should run away and hide, so instead of finding the undead on the map I frantically made 6 floor hatch, designated a burrow, and stuffed everyone downstairs.

Then the siege passed, the undead were off the map. My animals untouched. Can they not reach me in my little cavern in the ground? Maybe the sun frightened them away? I have no idea.

At least we’re safe.. for now.

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