First Time Friday – Old Man’s Journey

On Thursdays I’ve started using a random number generator to pick a game from my steam list to play, and then write about on Friday’s (which I’m tentatively calling First Time Friday). I own hundreds of steam games, but there are plenty that I’ve never played before and I wanted a random way of picking some throughout the year.

The first game it came up with was Old Man’s Journey – a game I think I picked up from a humble bundle in October. The game is mostly story, with a bit of puzzle. In it you follow an old man through the journey of his (really depressing) life. Without too many spoilers I will say I almost had to break out the box of tissue for this one.

The art style is amazing, I loved everything about it from the game play to the cut scenes. The music was OK but didn’t really strike a cord with me personally. It is a pretty short game from start to finish, but it’s 50% off on steam at the time of this post (and like I said, has been on Humble Bundle before) and I highly recommend picking it up if you like those sorts of games. I’ve set some of the screenshots I took as desktop background just because the whole thing was so beautifully done.

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