WTF Wednesday

Welcome back to another weekly installment of “WTF Wednesday” where I talk about a game the developers didn’t ask if they should make, before they decided they could.

The game for this week is called My Name is Mayo – and I know, it has mostly positive reviews, but hey it’s opinion and why not count mine. You have to pay for the game which is the main reason I’m putting this game up for WTF Wednesday.

It’s a clicker game, and there are lots of them out there. That means literally all you’re doing is clicking on a jar of mayo. Over. And Over. And Over (Over 8000 times). Sometime stuff is added to the screen as you click, and little sayings pop up, but in the end you’re just clicking and you’re paying for the right to do so.

This game preys on those gamer’s who are obsessed with achievement hunting, and sure developers are entitled to compensation for their time – but come on, really?

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