Sales & Expansions

I’ve been doing quite a bit of archaeology in Wurm Unlimited lately, on my server of choice (Sklotopolis) trying to reach 90 in the skill (I’m still a ways away). I have managed to collect a few rare items though, including the pickaxe, shovel, and 2 handed sword pictured above.

I’m attempting to sell them so I can expand my deed. I disbanded my volcano deed so that I could expand over that, and I’ve recently added some farmland. Last, there is a mine to my north that I have deeded as Quail Caverns, but I’d really like to bring it all together under one deed. Less things to monitor, less deeds to have to log in alts for and less chance of being disbanded.

I need about 60-70 silver to cover the area I’d like, and more would be better. For now, I just hope to get a few more sales.

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