Feeling a Little… Crowded

After flooding my last Dwarf Fortress, I decided to look for a new home. My world is just shy of its 100th year, but I have a high quantity of civilizations, and picking a spot to live was becoming a bit of a juggling match. In spaces where there were low civilizations there were tons of aggressive wild creatures, and so I decided to retire the world and start anew.

Dwarf Fortress is a game of constant tweaking, especially in MasterWorks. I’m constantly toggling different options to get a game that I feel most comfortable with but is also not too over powered or lacking in excitement.

Lately (since a Windows update that occurred last week actually) the game has been crashing more than usual, so I’m hoping to pinpoint what is going wrong. I got frustrated this week when shortly after my first migration wave the game crashed, and nothing was saved. All the work I had done into setting up the fortress after our embark was wasted and I’m sure this would have been a fortress that survived at least past its second year (seems to be my limit before things fall apart at the moment, lol).

Anyway, once I calm down over the loss of the save I’ll jump back in and re-build, hopefully better than before.

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