Upgrades and Partnerships

I’ve been using my GTX 760 for so long that I practically forgot what it could be like to play on beautiful graphic settings without any crashes happening. Guild Wars 2 was especially problematic, I couldn’t play without crashing unless I turned settings down so far characters looked like potato sacks.

I had sporadic graphic driver crashes with WoW if I ran anything else at the same time, and it was getting annoying. It kept telling me to update my drivers even though I had, many, many, times.

My husband ended up going into town yesterday and buying me a brand new 2080 and wow, it’s amazing. Instantly my computer suddenly liked playing games. Graphics on high, GW2 and WoW no longer crashing, I am tickled at this upgrade. I hope it lasts a few years because ouch they are not cheap.

Aside from the graphic card I also got a bit of good news about applying for partnership with Medal – they accepted my application – yay! Medal is what I’ve been using lately to make video game clips. Similar to Forge in the past, they let you take 15-30-60 second clips and host them online for others to view. Since I haven’t been doing too much streaming (lack of time) taking clips is a fantastic way for me to get a little video out there within my regular gaming session. It’s not a huge amount of news, but it really made my day.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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